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Gallery Stock began with the idea that fine art photography produced by creative visionaries should be accessible for purchase by premium design companies. By assembling the world’s leading photographers, Gallery Stock became a premium, global image syndication library. They continue to be innovators the stock photography industry.

Gallery Stock showcases the world’s leading commercial and museum photographers, many of whom have never before been represented by a stock agency.

Gallery Stock also offers images by gifted emerging artists. These emerging artists have worked tirelessly at perfecting their trade. Whether it is perfecting the angle, positioning, lighting, light exposure, or waiting for the perfect sunset, their efforts have paid off. These photographers struggled to create stunning images, capturing the mood and essence of life in a single frame. Their exceptional work is evident in the extraordinary photographs they have captured and have made available for license exclusively through Gallery Stock.

From the beginning, Gallery Stock had a simple concept: support leading photographers and emerging artists by licensing only the highest-quality photography to premium customers. Gallery Stock accomplishes this by connecting art buyers, photo editors, art directors, and designers with the photographers they know by name from the fine art world and the commercial assignment industry.

As an agency, Gallery Stock has a strong desire to protect its photographers from copyright infringement while nurturing their creativity. Gallery Stock and their photographers’ businesses depend on getting paid to use their work. Only in this way are they able to fund creation of more beautiful imagery in places where many people dare not go.

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McCormack Gallery Stock Demand Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Did you receive a Gallery Stock demand letter for copyright infringement? Click through to the FAQ or “most frequently asked questions” about this request for settlement. The matter is typically very easy and quick to resolve.


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“Gallery Stock is one of these companies that make you scratch your head and say, ‘why didn’t I think of that!’” Quote by Lawer Timothy B. McCormack who represents Gallery Stock in cases where their images are used without permission.


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