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The ethereal space under a blossoming orchid is timeless. Like the joys of gardening, it’s a feeling that lasts only for a few days each year and then is gone. But there is a way to capture that beauty. Professional photographers work with the wonders of nature to preserve the essence of life seen in the garden. They give people new ways of seeing and loving gardens.

Over the years, Garden World Images has grown into a successful online website that offers thousands of botanical and horticultural images to buyers around the globe. Professional photographers caption each image with its botanical and common name and extensively keyword and cross-reference images for easy searching. Today their library consists of over 2 million images, making them one of the largest photographic suppliers of horticultural/botanical images.

Garden World Images tightly manages their collections to retain and reflect the most captivating and beautiful images. Garden World Images has contributing photographers who have access to national plant collections and cultivated plant trials and listed gardens worldwide. Different topics of horticulture and gardening are represented by images from hundreds of different photographers – each with varied signature styles, led by careful editing.

The photographers at Garden World Images are passionate about providing beautiful, creative and technically excellent botanic and horticultural images. They strive tirelessly to capture the essence of plant life in their photography by meticulously choosing the correct angle, lighting, and positioning for their photographs. Their hard work has paid off over the years and photographs from Garden World Images are now regularly featured in major publications around the world.

For the photographers at Garden World Images, the photographs they capture are their livelihood. They have devoted their lives to capturing gardens, plants, and flowers in unique and different ways. Magazine publishers rely on their photographs to produce visually stunning cover pages for their magazines. Website designers pay for their beautiful flower and plant images to enhance the aesthetic look and feel of their websites.

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McCormack Garden World / Floramedia Images Demand Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Garden World / Floramedia protect their intellectual property by requesting businesses that use their images without a license pay for the use – this is sometimes called a “demand letter” but it could easily be called a “request to resolve” because Garden World simply wants to work toward a resolution of this matter. The FAQ (most frequently asked questions) addresses these and related issues.


McCormack Legal Garden World / Floramedia Press Releases

“An amazing company filled with amazing people. I have learned more about plants browsing their site than I did in wilderness school; and I loved it!” Quote by Timothy B. McCormack, founder of McCormack Intellectual Property Law, a Seattle law firm that represents Garden World and Floramedia in matter of copyright infringement and copyright settlements.


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